About Lightfoot Energy Solutions

Lightfoot Energy Solutions is built on relationships, not transactions.

The Lightfoot team has over 75 years combined experience in the design, manufacturing, installation, and servicing of co-gen systems.

Because we understand that we will be a part of these systems as long as they exist, we take a conservative approach, sizing from a base load to ensure project success and maximize efficiencies.

Lightfoot Energy Solutions can provide a turnkey solution: feasibility analysis, engineering, design/build, installation, and operations/maintenance.

Lightfoot operates a state-of-the-art testing facility with complete efficiency monitoring and verification capability.
Emission testing and verification is done in house.
24/7 state- of- the art remote monitoring system via high speed internet connection.

We offer full skid-mounted units and balance of the plant, minimizing on-site construction and disruption, lowering construction cost.
Lightfoot Energy systems are designed so that all major components are easily accessible, resulting in lower servicing cost and minimizing down-time.

Our objective is to provide successful and efficient on-site power and distributed generation projects that lend to sustainability, reliability, and most important, long-term savings.

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