CHP for Hotels & Resorts


Combined Heat & Power (CHP) cogeneration for Hotels & Resorts

Costs are rising to provide hot water, heat and cool guest rooms, warm pools and keep on-site laundry services running.

Lightfoot Energy cogeneration systems can reduce energy costs by up to 50% for hotels and resorts. CHP systems create heat and electricity from one fuel source in an environmentally sustainable way. Lightfoot Energy CHP units ensure guests won't get a cold shower, a hot room or an electricity blackout even in extreme weather.


The Lightfoot Solution

Lightfoot Energy CHP systems deliver electricity, heating and cooling to hotels and resorts that's reliable and independent from the electrical grid.

Lightfoot Energy CHP systems can achieve up to 89% effiiciency; Conventional power plants are usually about 26% efficient.

Contact Lightfoot for a detailed energy analysis and comprehensive plan for the CHP system’s integration with your existing facility infrastructure.

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