CHP for Apartments, Condos & Dormitories


Combined Heat & Power (CHP) for Residential Complexes

Utility rates for electricity and heat in your apartment, co-op, condo, dormitory or assisted living facility will continue to rise. Meeting load requirements for hot water, resident heat and pool heating while controlling costs isn't easy when you're depending on utility companies.

Lightfoot cogeneration systems installed at your property can reduce energy costs by up to 50%. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems create heat and electricity from one fuel source. Multi-unit residences with centralized heating systems and electric metering are an ideal use for CHP.

Apartment Complexes


Assisted Living Facilities





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The Lightfoot Solution

Lightfoot Energy CHP systems deliver heating or cooling to multi-family buildings that's reliable and independent from the electrical grid.

Lightfoot Energy CHP systems can achieve up to 89% effiiciency; Conventional power plants are usually about 26% efficient.

Contact Lightfoot for a detailed energy analysis and comprehensive plan for the CHP system’s integration with your existing building infrastructure.

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