Power + Heat = Cogeneration

Distributed Generation using Combined
Heat & Power Systems = 3X more efficient

How Does Distributed Generation Work?

Distributed generation (DG) is power generation at the point of consumption. Lightfoot Energy uses Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems for distributed generation.

An engine runs a generator that produces electricity. Heat is recovered from the engine to produce heating or cooling.

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Why Use CHP-based distributed generation for your facility?

  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Lower Emissions
  • Grid Independence
  • Government Incentives
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Applications for Lightfoot Energy Cogeneration

Why not use Cogen Everywhere?

The amount of electrical produced by the cogen unit needs to be balanced by utilization of the thermal heat produced. Using the thermal heat produced is the key to a successful co-generation plant. Unscrupulous CHP firms may recommend larger than optimal systems to make more money. Lightfoot only recommends and designs correctly-sized systems.

How Do I Know if Cogen is for Me?

Lightfoot Energy will conduct a detailed energy usage analysis to determine if cogen is applicable. Additionally, you may be able to further increase your savings by taking advantage of tax benefits or government and utility subsidies that may be available.

The Lightfoot Cogeneration Platform Features

  • Reliable & Resilient
  • Continuous power protected from utility cost fluctuations
  • Low Cost
  • Lightfoot Energy designs, builds and installs systems from 60KW to 3MW

The Lightfoot Energy Solutions Process

The Design Process

The Design Process

A Lightfoot Energy engineer will do an energy assessment to determine if CHP is suitable for your facility. We’ll analyze your utility bills and conduct a site visit to verify that a CHP system is economically and technically viable. If it is, Lightfoot Energy will design a fully integrated system.

The Installation Process

The Installation Process

Lightfoot Energy delivers complete design-build packages for our customers. CHP units are built in our facilities and shipped to your facility ready for installation. Lightfoot contracts with licensed electricians and plumbers to properly and safely connect the CHP unit to your infrastructure.

Ongoing Maintenance

Ongoing Maintenance

To maximize energy efficiency gains proper maintenance and service is key. Lightfoot Energy will remotely monitor and operate the CHP from our operations center. Our service techs will keep your systems up and running at peak efficiency.

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